Online Services

The NHS wants to help people to view their personal health information online and we know people want access to their health records. It can help you read and review notes from your appointments. The NHS plan is that from 1st November if you are over 16 years of age and have an online access through the NHS App, or another online primary care service, you will be able to see all future notes and heath records from your GP. 

We have decided, based on the information that we have from NHS England, our clinical system provider, our Integrated Care Board and listening to advice from The British Medical Association and our Local Medical Committee, that there remains uncertainty surrounding the safety and security of this service and therefore we will not be offering prospective access to consultation text and documents at this time.

We will keep this service under review. When we think that implementing the service is safe and secure for all patients, we will switch it on. We will keep you updated via our website.

If you already have access to certain parts of your medical information through the NHS App, or similar service, you should see no change to the information that you can see. We won’t know for sure if this is the case until 1 November. If you experience a change in the information that you can see through the NHS App, or similar service, please let us know.

You may continue to request information from your medical record, or a copy of your medical notes, in the usual way.